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Flatbed Transportation Services

We offer different types of trailers depending on your needs. That means you can get the right mode, in the required timetable, with the quality of service you demand. We make it simple for you by reviewing the logistics of each item, each load, to ensure we provide the appropriate service you should expect from flatbed trucking companies.
Flatbed Transportation Company


What sets UniGroup Logistics apart from other Flatbed Trucking Companies? Safe and timely flatbed transportation for your products is the core of our service offering. As one of the leading flatbed trucking companies, we make it simple for you by reviewing the commodity and logistics of each item, each load, to ensure we provide the appropriate service expected.

Flatbed services include:

We exceed expectations of clients with the following to-date performance statistics:
  • 7,000 + Shipments Delivered
  • 99.8% On-Time Delivery Performance
  • 99.9% Cargo & Delay Claim-Free
  • Safety Award Winning, Experienced Fleet
  • SkyBitz & Cell Phone Communications
  • All Air-Ride Trucks & Trailers
  • 100% Experienced & Trained Fleet

Full Certification with the UIIA for US Port Access and Equipment Interchange

Full Membership in the Specialized Carrier & Rigging Association (SC&RA)

Flatbed Trucking Equipment Servces
  • All equipment is air-ride
  • Minimum size of 48' long x 102" wide
  • Equipped with spread-axles to make the very heavy loads easier to scale legally on axles
  • Specialized flatbed trailer are available upon request
  • Access to a diverse supply nationwide through our network of equipment providers
Flat-floor (straight)
Common trailer type, best for lengthy loads. Can accommodate loads up to 8'6" tall.

Flat Floor Flatbed Transportation

Single-drop (step-deck)
A versatile trailer type that can accommodate loads up to 10'2" tall.
Single Drop Flatbed Transportation

Double-drop (low-boy)
A special flatbed trailer type required for loads taller than 10'2".
Double Drop Flatbed Transportation

Retractable Tarp Flatbed Transportation

Commonly used when delicate products (electronic controls, sculptures, etc.) require the open-air load/unload access, and demand the protection of an enclosed van.

Cargo Securement Devices
All our drivers are fully equipped with the necessary tie-downs (chains, binders) and a full complement of tarps to safely secure and protect flatbed freight of all sizes.

A typical compliment of flatbed equipment includes:
  • 12 - 4" Straps and Winches
  • 12 - Chains and Binders
  • 10 - 2" Straps and Winches
  • 1 - Full Set of Tarpaulins (tarps)
  • Various Wood Dunnage for Blocking
  • Various Corner/Edge Padding for Tarps
  Tie Downs for Flatbed Transportation
Value Added Trucking Services


  • Over-Size/Over-Dimensional
    • We obtain all the necessary state and municipality permits along with the travel restrictions, commonly limited to daylight hours and weekday travel only.
    • Accurate, three-dimensional measurements are needed to establish accurate pricing. Dimensions are commonly communicated in Length by Width by Height.

  • Loading and Unloading
    • Shipments commonly subject to shipper load and consignees unload.
    • Assistance available for loading and unload through our vast network of over 900 domestic UniGroup agents.
    • Nationwide rigging capabilities available through membership of Specialized Carrier & Rigging Association (SC&RA)
    • We can arrange for the loading and unloading through use of a tilt-bed (roll-back) vehicle for autos, trailers and other wheeled-vehicles.

  • Extended Valuation
    • In addition to our standard carrier cargo liability, we offer extended valuation as a means to ensure your risk management requirements are met and/or exceeded. Shipment details are required and communicated to create the special policy.

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