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Hospitality Case Study

Learn how UniGroup Logistics helped a five-star hotel in Paris support its supply chain needs by managing a three-year, thirteen-phase restoration.


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Hospitality and Supply Chain Maintenance

A five-star hotel in Paris was in need of a global logistics provider to support its supply chain needs by managing a three-year, thirteen-phase restoration. Specifically, the hospitality client needed a company that could provide purchase order (PO) management, electronic data exchange, international transportation of FF&E and OS&E from suppliers to a consolidation warehouse in Paris, inside placement and offsite removal of packing debris.

Challenges and Opportunities:

The hospitality client knew its logistics provider would face a variety of challenges with the ambitious restoration, but the end result would bring a myriad of growth opportunities and provide an enhanced customer experience. The challenges UniGroup Logistics overcame included:

  • Scheduling the transportation, warehousing and installation services for a phased installation that included three different color schemes and varying floor plans for non-standard room sizes
  • Coordinating amongst client representatives, suppliers and service providers as all were located in multiple countries and time zones
  • Verifying goods were available on time through a joint PO management process where suppliers and UniGroup Logistics received copies of the PO at the same time for complete visibility
  • Confirming customs documentation (commercial invoice, certificate of origin, shipper’s export declaration, etc.) was prepared and accurate for the goods
  • Monitoring the complex textile delivery process, which required fabrics to be imported and exported multiple times using a variety of suppliers in different countries
  • Maintaining a secure and respectful environment that did not disturb guests in other parts of the hotel during the restoration
  • Working around other service providers and parties such as the general contractor, drapery and carpet installers, hotel staff and hotel guests

Value of Using UniGroup Logistics:

UniGroup Logistics provided a single-source solution, managing transportation,warehousing and installation services for the restoration project. The power of the UniGroup network helped seamlessly combine freight forwarding services such as air transportation, ocean transportation and customs clearance with origin and destination services. The UniGroup Logistics team also provided PO management with detailed tracking and updates of each purchase order line item. Finally, with a project incorporating imports from all across the world, the team’s expertise in dealing with international standards of business played an important role in keeping the project on track and on budget.


UniGroup Logistics utilized its vast network of providers to arrange the proper mode of transportation for materials from origin to destination. The team also managed the purchase order data by reviewing each document received through a secure online interface to verify product availability, shipping information and document requirements were fulfilled. The interface also allowed UniGroup Logistics to provide daily updates to the client about different milestones of purchase order line items such as ready to ship, in transit, at warehouse, at site, etc. At the Paris warehouse, the team maintained detailed inventory of products (including designer specification numbers) to help make the phased installation process smoother. Since the completion of the hotel in Paris, the client has hired UniGroup Logistics to manage additional remodeling projects and development of new hotels.

About UniGroup:

UniGroup Logistics applies its expertise, asset-based network and vast resources to support clients’ unique requirements utilizing two trusted names in the transportation industry—United Van Lines and Mayflower Transit. Ask us how to put the UniGroup network to work for you.

CASE STUDY: The Keys to Hospitality Logistics
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