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As an agent of one or more of the UniGroup van lines, we provide you the advanced infrastructure you need to be successful. It’s that simple.

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When you become a part of the UniGroup agency network, you not only have the opportunity to diversify your revenue streams with two of the biggest brands in the industry, but you can also participate in innovative marketing programs. Additionally, you have access to the latest, ground-breaking technology and forward-thinking programs and services designed to help you reduce costs, save time and strategically invest in your future.

Are you ready to disrupt the transportation industry at lightning speed? 

Take a closer look at our centralized services and programs that set you up for success: 

  • High-Touch Logistics Services

    Our UniGroup’s Logistics brand excels at high-touch, white glove supply chain solutions that other logistics providercan’t offer. Our precision and expertise in complex, labor-intensive logistic services are second to none. 

  • Driver and Labor Solutions


    UniGroup has driver recruiting group to help our agents meet their capacity needs. We nationally source leads from a variety of industry-leading websites and social media avenues. Our team supports your agency’s recruiting efforts by making initial contact on your behalf, selling to your specific job, and helping you to qualify drivers. Finally, you’re able to conduct further interviews and make the final decision whether you’ll extend an offer.

    Dispatch Services 

    UniGroup offers agents a Planning and Dispatch Program that provides three main benefits: a holistic approach to hauling support management, a lower cost dispatch solution for small-to-midsize agents, and an optional van operator support service. All agents are welcome to enroll in the program for one month or several, depending on their needs. 

  • Technology Solutions

    Through the UniGroup Logistics Platform, with technology licensed by our trusted vendor Rose Rocket, Inc., UniGroup provides agents with access to a logistics transportation management system that allows for connectivity and collaboration at all levels: agent to agent, driver, UniGroup business teams, customer and other network service providers.  

     This advanced technology, through a streamlined single platform, optimizes efficiency in order communication by providing real-time order updates, tracking and tracing abilities, electronic proof of delivery and much more. 

  • Marketing and Public Relations

    UniGroup understands that to grow your business effectively, marketing efforts must focus on, and stay ahead of, digital innovations and modern technologiesOur marketing team has the toolsplatforms and resources and our agents can access these resources to aid their marketing and public relations efforts to attract and win new business. 

    Through consistent and carefully planned public relations initiatives, we continue to bolster our brands’ visibility and top-of-mind awareness. UniGroup provides strong promotional support for agents on both local and national levels.

  • Trans Advantage Programs

    Trans Advantage serves United’s and Mayflower’s logistics agents and their van operators of, as well as other professional logistics companies across the country. Its primary functions include selling, leasing and financing tractors, trucks and trailers. Through a specialized division, Trans Advantage offers agents access to a full line of money-saving products and services made possible through the combined buying power of the United and Mayflower agents. These products and services include uniforms and apparel, promotional items, cartons, decals, tires, equipment rentals, truck and engine parts, emergency breakdown service and fuel/cash advance. 

  • Training and Development

    The UniGroup training and development team provides agents with access to UniGroup’s learning management system (LMS), powered by artificial intelligence to elevate your workforce. The LMS offers personalized learning paths for individuals to develop and increase performance necessary to grow your business with over 300+ courses covering safety, compliance, sales, technology and more. 

The UniGroup Cooperative Network

As the owner of the largest carriers in the full-service moving industry, UniGroup offers agents the stability expected from industry-leading brands and an unsurpassed opportunity for growth in all types of transportation. 

Our cooperative status is essential to the success of our agency family. On May 2, 2018, UniGroup officially transitioned to a cooperative (co-op), UniGroup, C.A. Becoming a co-op allows the enterprise to balance each agent’s unique, local identity with UniGroup’s shared services, purchasing power and information networks. 

Comprehensive Logistics Solutions for Leading Industries

UniGroup provides comprehensive, high-touch, end-to-end supply chain solutions through its family of companies’ network of transportation experts for a seamless experience. Serviced by United Van Lines, Mayflower and UniGroup’s Logistics brand leverages our network’s assets to meet the needs of every type of customer. 

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Trade Show Logistics
Hospitality Logistics
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Office & Industrial Logistics
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