We are here to help.

We are here to provide logistics services safely and efficiently. Below find updated information on how we are protecting our customers and workers and some of the most frequently asked questions.

What are your current COVID-19 precautions (e.g., masks)? 

Masks and social distancing are still required for all crew members providing in-facility services, unless a customer voluntarily waives the use of precautionary measures related to COVID-19. While representatives will not ask your vaccination status, as the customer you can voluntarily share this information with your service representative as you feel comfortable. 

What additional steps have you taken to ensure safe transfer of goods? 

We continue to coach drivers on individual and team member sanitation and hygiene best practices. 

My service is scheduled in a few days, and members of our team are not feeling well. What should we do? 

First and foremost, you should do what makes you most comfortable. In any case, we ask you alert your service representative. Together you will run through the extra safety precautions we have put into place and possible options. If it is not considered an at risk situation, you may want to proceed with the service. 

*If public health officials mandate quarantine, services should be rescheduled. If you have imposed a self-quarantine due to your concerns, please discuss this with your sales or service representative to determine next steps. 

What precautions should I take during my move? 

Please follow basic protocol related to social distancing, hygiene and cleaning practices. This includes the following: 

  • Refraining from any physical participation in the service. 
  • Maintaining a 6-foot distance from movers and drivers as they work. 
  • Requesting movers wash their hands before participating in your move. 
  • Cleaning high-touch surfaces before your movers arrive. 
  • Disposing of all packing materials once the service is complete. 
  • If a member of the team receiving the shipment is not feeling well the day of delivery, please alert the driver upon arrival. They know the actions to take in the event of a situation where the virus may be active. In these cases, the driver will likely tactfully excuse themselves from the situation and reach out to Planning and Dispatch who will engage with you to determine next steps. 

What if I suspect that a member of my moving team is ill when they arrive for my move? 

If you believe someone on your moving team is exhibiting symptoms, please contact your move coordinator or service representative right away. Please do not attempt to assess for yourself whether a person has or is at risk of having Coronavirus. Simply pause the move, ask the moving team to wait outside, and call your service representative or our Customer Care Team at 800-948-4885. We will work with you to determine the appropriate next steps. 

What will you do if it’s discovered a worker or customer has been diagnosed with COVID-19? 

If a worker or customer indicates they have been positively diagnosed, we have a process to analyze all potentially affected shipments, personnel and customers, quarantine shipments as necessary, and notify affected individuals. We will also cooperate with any government agency that requests information relating to the exposure. 


If you have unanswered COVID-19 questions about a scheduled move, please call 888-705-3350 to listen to a recorded message.