Specialty Transportation

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Specialty Transportation

UniGroup Logistics, brand of United Van Lines and Mayflower, arranges a variety of specialized, climate-controlled and cryogenic transportation options through a network of qualified carriers. Our network’s combined resources provide clients with the specialized equipment and experience necessary to transport the most volatile and temperature-sensitive shipments.

Climate Controlled Transportation

Our network’s climate-controlled trailers are equipped with temperature and humidity management systems that provide the environmental controls sought by our clients. We work with carriers that offer climate control systems calibrated to our clients’ specs upon loading and we require they be monitored for consistency while in transit to prevent damage.

Specialized Equipment for High Value Shipments

High Cube

When you have specialized shipments over the industry standard height of flat floor trailers, our network’s high-cube trailers are the solution for transportation of cargo requiring greater loading capacity. Our network’s combined resources allow UniGroup to provide niche industries — Aviation/Aerospace, Medical and Semiconductor — with transportation equipment to meet even the most specialized shipment need.
Let UniGroup Logistics serve as your specialty logistics provider. We know the precision is key when it comes to managing and transporting oversized, specialized goods.

  • Typical High Cube Units: 53’ long with floor to ceiling height of 120”

Conestoga and Curtain Side Trailers

Through our UniGroup Logistics brand, we offer Conestoga trailers featuring an innovative sliding tarp designed for easy access to cargo from three sides of the trailer or the top. This rolling tarp system was designed to provide protection against weather conditions while yielding faster loading and unloading of complex shipments.
Whether it’s Aerospace, Industrial or Medical cargo, our network has the right trailers dedicated to transporting sensitive cargo.

  • Typical Curtain Side Units: 98”w x 122”h; length 53’

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